Attorney Discipline Opinions 2019-2021

Pursuant to the Rules of the Court of Federal Claims, Rule 83.2(l)(2), the final order or opinion in any attorney discipline case that results in a public reprimand, suspension, or disbarment will be made publicly available in PDF form below beginning January 1, 2016. Attorney discipline orders and opinions issued prior to that date are available to the public upon in-person request at the Clerk's Office.


Attorney Discipline Opinions 2019-2021

In re Jerry Mack Douglas, Jr.,  No. 19-11226

In re Justin Alan Torres, No. 19-11227

In re John Michael Cassell, No. 19-11228

In re Gregory Gilbert, No. 19-11229

In re Charles A. Murray, No. 19-11231

In re James DelSordo, No. 19-11232

In re Athan T. Tsimpedes, No. 19-11233

In re Jahangir Ghobadi, No. 19-11234

In re Williams No. 19-11235

In re Robert Schulz No. 19-11236

In re Jeffrey Lisabeth No.19-11238

In re Amponsah Leslie Victor No. 19-11239

In re Weiss Mogeeb No. 19-11240

In re Scott Cantor No. 19-11241

In re Farthing Philip No. 20-11242

In re Shoemaker No. 20-11243

In re David Miller No. 20-11244

In re Saavedra Cruz No. 20-11245

In re Christine Schild No. 20-11246

In re Jonathan Dailey No. 20-11247

In re William Burton No. 20-11248

In re Richard L. Morris No. 20-11249

In re Barry Fischer No. 20-11251

In re Karambelas Nicholas G. No. 20-11252

In re Peter Hoffman No. 20-11253

In re Lee Allan Hess No. 21-11256

In re Stephen Snyder No. 21-11257

In re William D. Outman No. 21-11258

In re Stocker No. 21-11259

In re Jamison No. 21-11260

In re Ellen Mary Lynch No. 21-11261

In re Ibraham No. 21-11262

In re Lawrence D. O'Neill No. 21-12556

In re George Allen No. 21-12558