Douglas K. Mickle

Doug Mickle is a Senior Trial Counsel with the National Courts section of the Commercial Litigation Branch, United States Department of Justice, and a member of its Military and Civilian Pay and Bid Protest litigation teams. Mr. Mickle joined the Department of Justice in 2003 after serving 21 years in the United States Army. Mr. Mickle is a Distinguished Military Graduate of St. Lawrence University, and, upon graduation, he was commissioned in the Regular Army. He served in various command and staff positions until he was selected for the Army's Funded Legal Education Program. Mr. Mickle attended the George Washington University Law School, graduating in 1990. As a Judge Advocate, Mr. Mickle had several diverse litigation assignments at various levels of command, culminating with his final assignment as the Chief of the General Litigation Branch at the Army's Litigation Division. Mr. Mickle's primary areas of practice are military personnel law, contract disputes, and bid protests.

Advisory Council Committee: 
Military Claims / Civilian Pay