CM/ECF Training System

Log into the Training database to learn how the system works and try out electronic filing before using the Live system.

Use one of the following training ID's: "train1", "train2", "train3", "train4", or "train5". The password is "password" for all these accounts. Note that all the letters must be lower case. If someone is already using a training account, you will get an error message asking you to Cancel or Continue. Do not disconnect them! Select Cancel and try another training account or you will terminate the first person's session.

There are five cases in the training database for you to work with. Note that these cases are test cases and do not contain official court records. They are cases "3-1", "3-2", "3-3", "3-4", and "3-5".

Some options in the "Utilities" menu have been removed from the Training Database, e.g. changing your password. See the User Manual for Attorneys for a complete outline of the menus. For the Training Database, you will not be prompted to enter your Pacer Login ID and Password when accessing the Query or Reports menus.

Click here to log into the CM/ECF Training Database